Vidya Kīṭa

It's pronounced "Keet."


Height: 5’4"
Age Approximation: Teens (she’s hasn’t kept track)

Misc: Always seems to have a half-mocking grin, and she’s definitely not a morning person.


Vidya primarily fights in a martial arts style taught to her by a former priest of Light (named Isul). Don’t ask which kind of martial arts, she isn’t sure herself. She carries a knife and various tools for “liberating” valuables. Vidya is all to eager to fight, secretly pleased to show off her skills (except during a job, then she would be downright embarrassed to be caught, fighting or otherwise). She eats almost constantly but is not greedy; she will share her food to those in need.

She hails from the capital city Empare and has never traveled outside of it until now. She has joined the ranks of the Defenders to “see the world, learn new things, and to do good.” Apparently, she was formerly connected to the Grey Larks, a shady organization of unknown membership.

Vidya Kīṭa

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