The Defenders

A Slippery Slope

Session Three

The three Defenders set out in search of their missing compatriot, but found themselves soon trapped in a small Grey Larks camp in the woods. Vidya Kīṭa found herself fairly well off, as she could bring in her former connection to the Grey Larks outreach program she participated in. She rested well, whereas the others did not enjoy the same amenities. Sir Reginald Von Reydun was placed in a makeshift prison, which was more of a box put against a wide tree trunk. Burlet on the other hand was placed in a small medical tent to treat his deep cuts that left him in a pool of blood on the ground the previous day.

Vidya Kīṭa awoke to be told to have breakfast at a central tent and obliged. There she had some fruits and a small chat about the head of the Grey Larks coming later in the evening. After which she decided to walk the premises and was accompanied by Oglaf, who was one of the fighters yesterday. Oglaf avoided the box and medical tent. Instead as he walked he ranted about his enjoyment of killing, while trying to set up a quick ambush aided by Vidya Kīṭa to pass the time. Vidya Kīṭa regretted that she couldn’t manage to escape last night and was blocked despite her excuse of basic needs.

Sir Reginald Von Reydun was given a breakfast, which was equal to what Vidya Kīṭa had. He otherwise bid his time alone in the box dealing with annoying parts of nature, such as bugs.

Burlet awoke from his slumber to find himself loosely restrained. Across from him he saw another patient seemingly sleeping away. He took this chance to go into a meditative trance and dispersed his soul about his body. His diffused soul gave him a slight glow, which was very visible from his eyes. Burlet found himself in a familiar desert and started walking until he was interrupted rudely by the other patient. This patient asked for help in escaping, although Burlet had no interest in leaving his lord Sir Reginald Von Reydun behind. The other patient did manage to get some Soul channeled through an odd trinket that actually harmed Burlet. The patient, who named himself as Tom Retinor ran faster than an arrow to his supposed freedom. Now with solitude Burlet began meditating again.

Sir Reginald Von Reydun gets taken out of the box and escorted by a somewhat apathetic man to the central tent. He arrived to find Vidya Kīṭa there, which he no doubt wasn’t too fond of as it seems she might have betrayed himself and Burlet. He takes a seat and they both wait with the others. The most notable people also in the room were the well-dressed man and Oglaf. A short while later two strongmen came in followed by one robe-wearer. These people parted to the sides and between them came out Senior von Reydun with a wide grin on his face. He looked to his son with pleasure and to the others paid no attention. The two Defenders and Senior von Reydun had a conversation about Sir Reginald Von Reydun‘s running away from home, although with less input on the part of Vidya Kīṭa. He also brought up Former Missus von Reydun and revealed that he killed her, which shouldn’t be too bad. To carry on this bent of death Senior von Reydun had his son freed and gave him a curved dagger from the robe-wearer and told him to do it. His son stabbed the man to death, although not without sarcasm. Senior von Reydun revealed that it was the father of the young neighbor girl that was often home alone. His son showed little remorse, so Senior von Reydun continued onward. He tried to get him to stab Vidya Kīṭa, but to no avail.

Burlet had been in the desert trying to commune with Mr. Husk about how to get out of the situation. He got a satisfactory enough answer, then headed out to the main tent, but ran into someone on the way. That ruffian woman almost raised the alarm, but he had her head implode ahead of time. A trick he converted from fruit into people, but not one he’s fond of using often unless the situation calls for it. He took some time to hide her body and take the garb of the Grey Larks. He walked in to the scene of Sir Reginald Von Reydun versus Vidya Kīṭa. As soon as he entered the tent, though, he put his attention to also use his mind-blowing trick on Senior von Reydun. It was without luck and so he lost his pay. Nonetheless, he proceeded inward and took a seat after Senior von Reydun let it be.

Senior von Reydun decided to start small and started to have his son stab everyone else in the room except for his “allies”. His son complied and when the others soon realized that it wouldn’t end they tried resisting. Senior von Reydun’s sheer muscle mass and grip quite easily held them back for his son to carry on. Burlet was disgusted and Vidya Kīṭa fearful of how things were progressing. They decided to book it and let Sir Reginald Von Reydun catch up. Oglaf tried to hold Burlet hostage to keep his own life, but failed and was instead Soul Shoved to the side of the tent. The two escaped in the death frenzy. Burlet made the tent topple and as the two ran away they lit the camp ablaze leaving little time for the Grey Larks to react. They thieved horses and went toward the nearest place of residence that was not up in flames.

Sir Reginald Von Reydun finished his task with numbness in his heart and his father lifted the tent and moved it away. He left words with his son and as a show of his power somewhat replicated the not parlor fit trick of Burlet. Although, his was not precise person to person. Sir Reginald Von Reydun walked out of the camp in his bloody wear with a curved dagger headed on the road as he was before.

Burlet and Vidya Kīṭa arrived and put up their horses. They explained away the tattered and bloody nature of Burlet as related to surviving a bandit attack. Then, Vidya Kīṭa passed him off as her senile grandfather talking about nonexistent Soul Beasts and a crazy concept called “magic”. Burlet cleaned up and went to meditate to discuss the matter of Sir Reginald Von Reydun’s changing as well as its relation to the promise he made with Former Missus von Reydun to keep his…“lord”…well.

Sir Reginald Von Reydun made it to the town in his disheveled state and as he passed by kids playing a game they began screaming, “Bloody Murderer, Bloody Murderer!” This attracted the attention of the middle-aged lady that earlier dealt with Burlet and Vidya Kīṭa’s arrival. There was little excuse until Vidya Kīṭa noticed what was going on and provided an explanation of Sir Reginald Von Reydun being a bodyguard that annihilated an entire camp of bandits. This was supported by the smoke plume that was coming a little way to the east of the town. This may have inadvertently inspired some to think of a suit wearing man as a very capable death bringer, assassin, or body guard.

Later in the night Burlet carried on with his meditation as Vidya Kīṭa both observed him and left their room to listen in to the townsfolk’s idle chatter at a circular bar. She heard the common talk of war and small town worries. Of course complaints about the Grey Larks and talk of the newcomers to the village also bled in.

Sir Reginald Von Reydun stayed at the bar indulging himself in drink. Two twin teenagers approached him with one fairly fat and the other skinny. They were curious about his deeds and how he accomplished them. They wanted to try and learn from him or some such crud. He wasn’t having it, so they started insulting him for a fight. Their mother-based insult tipped the scales to cause Sir Reginald Von Reydun to swing at them. Some punches were swinged. A teenager knocked out and the other injured ready to use a bottle they broke as a weapon. Sir Reginald Von Reydun was even hurt a little, but that’s more attributable to his inebriation even if only partial. Luckily at this moment Vidya Kīṭa left the room and stopped him. They soon left the village. Sooner than the original time they were given to stay after the initial scare that Sir Reginald Von Reydun gave everyone.

They slept on the side of the road in the open and Burlet started a very small fire. Vidya Kīṭa noticed an odd face, which led to an encounter with a Grimnar. It tested their temptation and was dissatisfied, so it crushed the Soul Crystal of Former Missus von Reydun that Sir Reginald Von Reydun had covertly been carrying around. It left two persistent trinkets for the other two, which it said would help them in what they want. Burlet returned to his trance and focused on training in the desert, as well as resting. The others all returned to rest, although Sir Reginald Von Reydun was passed out before the Grimnar woke him up from his drunken sleep. The Grimnar walked away into the night.

Soon the three Defenders would be at Empare. Their future and past.


Saabi Saabi

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