The Defenders

In search of Sin

Session 2 of the Defenders Campaign

Rufus awakes the group of fledgling heroes with disturbing news: Sin Acra, the Lightbringer monk, is missing. Rufus explains that not only has he left the village proper, but has disappeared from his own vision of the future. Rufus is very disturbed by this. He tells the party that Sin most likely headed for the capital city of Empare. The three Defenders take a carriage from Neul, ostensibly heading for Empare. But, hearing that there is good food to be had in local towns,Vidya detours their carriage to an unnamed town. Her companions, displeased with her plan, refuse to pay the disgruntled driver his due without some compensation from Vidya. She waves reassuringly and disappears from view.

With Vidya at parts unknown, Burlet and Sir Reginald take the driver to a local restaurant as an apology for the misunderstanding. Burlet singlehandedly starts the tradition of “waiting tables” while there and holds a record of quickest mastering the dish “pietza.” The driver warns them of Vidya’s “type,” but Sir Reginald takes it all in good grace. Meanwhile, Vidya herself finds a rich looking mark and lifts enough coin to clear her debt to Burlet (with the fidgety man being none the wiser). In addition to money, Vidya also pockets a small medallion of unknown origin and design. She makes her way back to the open cafe and starts to beg at the backdoor. Instead of staff, Burlet greets her. She drops her ill-gotten coin into his hand. With some pity in his heart, Burlet passes on some food and drink.

The group then set out in the carriage once again. They almost get to the main road when they are ambushed by Grey Larks. Through a series of unfortunate accidents, Burlet is beaten into unconsciousness, and Vidya is surrounded by grinning thugs. Desperate to save her companions, Vidya confesses to being a member of the Grey Larks and convinces their attackers to cease and desist. The group is then taken prisoner and led off to a nearby Grey Lark camp, but not before it is revealed that the new leader of the Grey Larks is Sir Reginald’s own kin.

What we learned:
Rufus is an old man who loves his honey bread.
Reginald doesn’t take kindly to deception.
Burlet knows just about everyone, everywhere.
Vidya is astounded about how little these restaurants throw out.

Rufus is not your babysitter
Reginald is a late sleeper.
Burlet will learn how to fly.
Vidya will pay back Rufus for his food (“so help her Day God”).


Saabi Reina_L

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