The Defenders

Meetings and Mentors

Session 1 of the Defenders Campaign

Individuals Vidya, Sir Reginald, Burlet, and Sin travel from their various homes to the semi-remote town of Fio after being contacted by Rufus Bell, a man represenative of the Defenders, a league of Light dedicated to keeping the ordinary people of the world save from encroaching Darkness. After arriving in Fa by carriage (so lovingly paid for by Sir Reginald and Burlet), the group seeks out Rufus at the far end of town in a small, yellow house. Rufus explains what the Defenders are and takes the group out back to test their skills. Despite unexpected teamwork and interesting uses of Soul, the group essentially fails to even touch Rufus, much less harm him. He takes them back inside, somewhat pleased at their abilities. He further explains the Defender’s creed and constructively critiques the abilities of all four individuals. He answers all their questions and sends them upstairs to——to the basement for——ugh, the “attic” for sleep. The next day he allows them all a day of training while he awaits a message from the Defenders (aka the Light newspaper).

What we learned:

Burlet has a pocket full of sand.
Reginald has a rather large mustache.
Vidya kicks too much
Sin’s Soul extension on his rapier was rather cool.
Rufus is secretly a ninja.

Burlet is passively sassy.
Reginald likes comfy couches.
Vidya gets annoyed by continuous Pings.
Sin likes shadowed corners.
Rufus may not have enough food in his larder.


Saabi Reina_L

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