The Defenders

Sweet Returns

A bittersweet welcome

After an arduous journey back home, Emira, Reginald and Burlet, knock on the door of their mentor, Rufus, with dire news: their companion, Vidya, has been devoured by Reginald’s own father!

After delivering this trying news, Rufus intorduces everyone to their newest companion – the mysterious Arlash, who quickly proves himself to be a man who knows his way around herbs.

The next day, Rufus passes unto our heroes their new mission as Defenders: to investigate and stop a madman manipulating Soul. This madman kidnaps young people and even children, yet whatever he is doing with them leaves little trace.

The heroes spring into action, devising a battle plan to infiltrate the area and find this devious kidnapper.

But before they can move out, Rufus makes time for his students and stages a supernatural intervention by using to Soul to take the appearance of Reginald’s father and making him fight his own past!

Yet it seems Reginald is not ready to go of the past still and Rufus is interrupted by Burlet, who out of concern for his master intrudes upon Rufus’ and Reginald’s mindscapes. Deciding to try something out, he does what Rufus does not expect and drag him to his own mindscape to meet the enigmatic Mr. Husk.

Joined by an interloping Arlash, the three have a talk with Mr. Husk. During the conversation it is revealed Rufus has some knowledge of beings such as Mr. Husk, but is reluctant to share it.

Meanwhile, Reginald is caught in a dreamscape, where he rejoins the visions of his mother and an idyllic childhood.

After they return to the real world, our heroes head in for the night, unsure of what the future holds, and the next morning they set out on their journey, determined to complete their mission.


Saabi DawnOfMinstrel

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